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Bo Chord To The Bone | Pamungkas (C)

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C   D   E   F   G   A   B

Musisi        : Pamungkas
Judul Lagu : To The Bone
Pencipta     : Pamungkas
Album        : Flying Solo
Rilis            : 14 Juni 2019
Produser    : Pamungkas 
Genre         : Pop

BoChord To The Bone | Pamungkas (C)


Have I ever told you
                            DI want you to the bone
                             CHave I ever called you
                             DWhen you are all alone
            CAnd if I ever forget
                           DTo tell you how I feel
                     CListen to me now, babe
                            DI want you to the bone

                             C              D
I want you to the bone, oo oooh . .
                             C              DI want you to the bone, oo oooh . .

Oh, maybe if you can see
                                      DWhat I feel through my bones
                                 CAnd every corner in me
                                         DThat’s your presence that grown
              CMaybe I nurture it more                         D
By saying how I feel
                           CBut I did mean it before
                            DI want you to the bone . .I want you to

G              D/F#
  Take me home, I’m fallin’
Em            D  Love me long, I’m rollin’C                      Bm
Losing control, body and soulAm                              D
Mind too for sure, I’m already yoursG               D/F#
  Walk you down, I’m all inEm            D
  Hold you tight, you callC                                Bm
I’ll take control, your body and soulAm                              D              Em
Mind too for sure, I’m already yours . .

            F                      Em
Would that be alright? . .
                   F            DHey, would that be alright?
                            C                  DI want you to the bone . . oo ooh . .                       C                      D
So bad I can’t breathe . . oo ooh . .                            C        D C D
I want you to the bone . .

Of all the ones that begged to stay       D
I’m still longing for you     C
Of all the ones that cried their way       D
I’m still waiting on you       C
Maybe we seek for something that      D
We couldn’t ever have       C
Maybe we choose the only love        D
We know we won’t accept            C
Or maybe we’re taking all the risks      D
For something that is real                  C
‘Cause maybe the greatest love of all    D
Is who the eyes can’t see, yeah


G             D/F#
  Take me home, I’m fallin’Em           D
  Love me long, I’m rollin’C                      Bm
Losing control, body and soulAm                              D
Mind too for sure, I’m already yoursG               D/F#
  Walk you down, I’m all inEm            D
hold you tight, you call and
C                               BmI’ll take control, your body and soulAm
Mind too for sure,
     D                G  D/F# Em D
I’m already yours . .   C  Bm Am    D
Ooh . .        oh yes . .

(Would you just take me home?)
D/F#                      Em 
  (Would you just love me long?)
D                            C
  (Or Should I keep hoping on?)
Bm                     Am        D
  (Should I keep hoping on?)
(Could I just take you home?)
(Could I just love you long?)
(Or Should I keep hoping on?)
                      F           D
(Shoul I keep hoping on?)

                            C              D
I want you to the bone . .  yeah . .                            C        D
I want you to the bone . .
                            C               D    C DI want you to the bone . .  yeah . .                            C        D
I want you to the bone . .
                            C        D
I want you to the bone . .


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Label                : …
Tonmeister       : Pamungkas
Mixing              : Pamungkas
Komposer         : …
Bass                  : …
Video                : …
Motion Graphic : …

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