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Bo Chord Birdy | Pamungkas (E)

Chord Birdy Pamungkas E adalah kisah semangat yang hilang oleh rintangan tetapi harus bangkit kembali dengan tekad bulat suport dari orang yang memberi semangat

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C   D   E   F   G   A   B

Musisi      : Pamungkas
Judul       : Birdy
Pencipta  : Pamungkas
Album     : Birdy
Rilis         : 16 Juni 2022
Produser : Pamungkas
Genre      : Folk Pop

Chord Birdy | Pamungkas E

E     A    E    A
E     A    E    A
[Verse 1]
Birdy in my heart
That wants flock it back
Maybe it’s too noble, as your body double
F#m                                                     Abm
We can’t seem to be seen as a being or sad tambourine
F#m                                                      E
Maybe it’s for the best for everyone, light’s off, rest now
A   E  A
(Yeah, yeah, ooh)

[Verse 2]
Are we on restart?
Yes, birdy in my heart
That once died last summer, on the trip as a loner
F#m                                                          Abm
As we light cigarretes blow all the smokes on fame and its soul
F#m                                                           E
As a pop star we fall, very nearly ended it all

F#m                         B                       C#m
I’ve got the whole world on my shoulders
F#m                    B                    C#m
Things are different now I’m older
A   Abm                 A                        Abm                    F#m
But I see them there; I know they wants to fuck me up
F#m                         B                        C#m
I’ve got the whole waves on my water
F#m                   B                C#m
Got no time to run in cylinder
A  Abm         A
Birdy in my heart
                        Abm                     F#m
Why on earth are you seem so sad?
Take a little song
And dance along
And make it better
E                                    A
(Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa, pa-pa-pa)
E                                    A
[Instrumental Break]

[Verse 3]
Birdy in my heart
I was saying to him
                                       A                                     Abm
Everyone thinks they’re nice and seem act like badass
                                 F#m                           Abm
Try to take control and shut a man with weaker hand
     F#m                                                                             C#m
And we’ll let them be that, but between us;, patient for now

Birdy love me right
              A                   Adim
Like you are my one only
A                               Abm
Like no one is around, yeah, shush
Do it roughly smart
The quietly and secretly
‘Till we sleep together
Ooh-ooh-ooh, yeah-yeah
Before the world judge me again

F#m                         B                   C#m
I’ve got the whole world on my shoulders
F#m                    B                 C#m
Things are different now I’m older (Now I am older)
A  Abm                     A                       Abm                    F#m
But I see them there; I know they wants to fuck me up
F#m                          B                    C#m
I’ve got the whole waves on my water
(All the waves on a race right on my very water)
F#m                    B              C#m
Got no time to run in cylinder
A   Abm             A
Birdy in my heart
                        Abm                      F#m
Why on earth are you seem so mad?
Take a little song
And dance along
And make it better
E                                      A
(Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa, pa-pa-pa)
Make it better
E                                       A
(Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa, pa-pa-pa)

E                                A
I’ve got the Birdy in me
He’s not dead
E                                  A
You know the Birdy in me
That makes you sad
E                                 A
So I tell the Birdy in me
              F#m    Abm
Stay down
Lay low
Not now 

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Tentang Lagu Birdy | Pamungkas
Arranger    : Pamungkas
Hak Cipta   : © …
Label         : Maspam Record
Tonmeister : Pamungkas
Mixing        : Pamungkas
Komposer  : Pamungkas
Video         : Pamungkas

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