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Bo Chord No Surprises | Radiohead (A)

Bo Chord No Surprises Radiohead A ini menceritakan tentang seseorang yang merasa telah melakukan usaha dan kerja keras, namun tidak juga mencapai kebahagiaan.

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Musisi         : Radiohead
Judul           : No Surprises
Pencipta      : …
Album         : Single
Rilis             : 12 Januari 1998
Produser     : Jonny Greenwood & Nigel Godrich
Genre          : Pop

Bo Chord No Surprises | Radiohead (A)

A.. Dm   [4x]

Bait 1
A heart that’s
full up like a land… fill
A job that slowly kills… you
E                            A      Dm
Bruises that won’t heal….

You look so tired, unhappy
   Bring down the government
oh.. They don’t,
E                               A  Dm
they don’t speak for us..
I’ll take a quiet life
A hand… shake, of carbon monoxide..

      Bm             -D     E
And no alarms.. and no surprises
Bm          -D       E
No alarms.. and no surprises
Bm          -D       E
No alarms and no surprises
A    Dm A          Dm
Si.. lent… si… lent…
This… is my final fit
My final bellyache

Bm                   -D        E
With no alarms…. and no surprises
Bm           -D       E 
No alarms… and no surprises
Bm           -D       E                     A
No alarms… and no surprises, please…

A… Dm
E  Dm  E  Dm
Bm  Dm…

oh… such… a… pretty house
And such… a… pretty garden…

Bm         -D         E
No alarms… and no surprises (get me out of here)
Bm         -D         E
No alarms… and no surprises (get me out of here
Bm         -D         E                        A
No alarms… and no surprises, please… (get me out of here)

A…  Dm

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Tentang Lagu No Surprise | Radiohead
Arranger            : 
Hak Cipta          : © 1997 XL Recordings Ltd
Label                 : …
Tonmeister        : …
Mixing               : …
Komposer          : Colin Greenwood
Video                  : …

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Bo Chord Lagu No Surprises | Radiohead

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1. Radiohead
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2. Selvia Rahmadani

I find myself coming back to songs such as this to alleviate for all my insecurities and emotions and try to find solidarity in the fact that others feel the same as I do in life no surprises all my life I’ve never truly felt that I fit in with anyone and have never felt a true sense of love for my self as well as from the family and friends I fill my life with to fill the void that is myself and try to enjoy life and see the good in it but I find myself unable to feel as others do and I’m always feeling like I’m being washed away and have no place in life and that I’m here for no reason at all and have no drive nor energy to keep going and feel as if life is pointless and the only true access to happiness is in the music I surround myself with no matter how melancholy or filled with sorrow and this is one of those songs that helps me accept that I’m not ok and everything isn’t fine and that I’m ok with that I feel that in life there no surprises left for me and that I’m moving as an empty shell of a person sometimes I wish I could go back to a time when I was younger and had nothing but motivation and drive to see the world instead of the person I am now but if anything I just have to find comfort in music that is enjoyed by people who feel the same.

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