dewi depooh

i'm a single mom to 2 amazing grown sons. my background is psychology i have experience working with my late husband for some radio stations for almost 25 years. i wrote Sineradio (Sandiwara Radio) for Ardan Radio Bandung for 3 years. from 2004-2007. back then, i used Dewi Depooh as my nickname. now i'm working for a Japanese YouTuber remotely as a content writer. writing content in indonesian for his indonesian fans. i'm also working for Radio Cakra Bandung (Ardan Group) as a writer of their Sandiwara Radio. last but not least, i'm a music lover, especially 80-90's. i know a lot about them. i'm also a severe moviegoer. i watch a movie a day at least. i write some of my reviews on my Twitter account @dehaduadua12 . i'm fluent in english and indonesian. also javanese if needed :)